Drywall Hanging and Finishing

Does your new project need drywall installed? Need drywall hanging performed or Finishing done? We can help. Drywall hanging and finishing is a 2 part process. So much so that they are two entirely different trades almost. In that 90% of all drywaller’s either Hang it or Tape it and they don’t do both. Here’s where we’re different. We have both Hangers and Tapers who work full time and stay very busy. No need to find them both when you hire us. We hang and tape. We are the best choice for drywall company in Saratoga Springs, NY. serving clients in Eastern New York, Mass Berkshires, Vermont, Connecticut and New Jersey.


​Drywall Hanging

Having performed thousands of drywall and painting projects we have worked with the best and brightest, most accomplished builders in the world. The experience we have is un deniably awesome! If you are in the New York and need drywall hung or a drywall finisher, we are the best choice.

When looking for a skilled drywall contractor you will want the following results:

Drywall Hanging

Drywall Hanging and Sheet Count

A thorough sheet count is necessary prior to the start of any project. A sloppy sheet count can be a major waste of money and materials if you are not careful. We meticulously count each and every stud for a lean and mean sheet count. Getting it almost exact with very few sheets left over and hardly any scrap or waste. You are looking for tight fitting joints and corners. Tight cut outs of all doors, windows, can lights and electrical boxes. Lastly, the screw pattern must be proper. Which is usually in a 4 foot sheet, 3 in the field and one at the top and one at the bottom of the sheet. These are our standards and are well respected in all of NY.

Taping and Finishing:

Taping and Finishing: First you want any gaps pre filled. Next paper taping all of the butt joints. Then the flats, followed by the inside corners. The inside corners will be done with a roller and glazer / angle head. Next you will hang the bead and apply the first coat. Followed by 2 more coats depending on the level of finish. We clean all our own floors. Lastly the job is either primed and or a walk through is performed with the customer. A light is used to ensure your total satisfaction. These are our steps and steps you will want your contractor to take should you want an amazing product. Don’t take a chance on any other company. We guarantee you will be completely satisfied or we’ll make it right.  We service all of NY.

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